Welcome to IPaidItFoward.org! Did your son or daughter come home from school with a brand new pair of kicks? Then you are in the right place! We are an organization whose "sole" purpose is to change the lives of our children. We go to the schools here, in our community of Vancouver and Camas, WA and seek out Ambassadors of Kindness. These are children designated to start the Pay It Forward campaign in their respective schools. Once we find them, we tell them about what it means to Pay It Forward and find out if they are willing to be our school ambassadors.

If they are, we put them in a brand new pair of kicks that have been graciously donated to us by our donors. In return, the children have to find someone in their school, or community that may be in need of a new pair of shoes. Each Kindness Ambassador is given an IPaidItForward card with instructions on the back for the recipient of the card. These cards are gold, and they must take care of them! It is their ticket to sharing their kindness. Once a child receives one of our cards, we receive an email with their information and show up at their school and put them in a new pair of kicks! But the same deal applies. In order to receive the shoes, they must agree to Pay It Forward. You are probably thinking, do they have to give the gift of shoes or can it be something else. They can do many things to be kind, we just provide them with one way to do it. We ask that the students tell us their stories about how they paid it forward, and boy do they!